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James the apostle wrote about FFK when he said:
“A double minded man is unstable in all his ways”

Otimkpu is an Igbo word that can translate as Town Crier. However, it can also translate as a big man’s announcer(those people that shout praises for the king or big men)

This is the chronicles of Africa’s number one chameleon, sycophant in chief and Otimkpu, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode.

Walk with me

To understand @realFFK , you have to look at his family history.

His father, Chief Remilekun Fani-Kayode was a political olosho. He was the youth leader of Awolowo’s party AG in 1954, and the head of their legal team in 1957. He was extremely vocal and pushed media functions for Awolowo and the AG.

In 1959, a year to the elections, he betrayed Awolowo and switched to NCNC, calling Awolowo all sort of names. He was accused of being bribed by Festus Okotie Eboh, leading to his near death experience during the 1966 coup.

3 years after switching to NCNC, Chief Remi’s loyalty once again changed, and he switched to the NNDP (the Nigerian National Democratic Party).

He betrayed Zik this time around, and moved to forge an alliance with Tafawa Balewa’s NPC, causing unforeseen bloodshed in Yorubaland. He championed for the arrest of Awolowo and framed him up on treason charges.

During the Nzeogwu coup, all of Awolowo’s enemies were being rounded up and executed. Chief Remi Fani-Kayode was also picked up and was used as a mole to access the home of SL Akintola.

It is widely believed that he snitched on Akintola, and was released by the coupists after killing Akintola. The coupists took him to Ikeja cantonment and for some unknown left him there, for Gowon to pick him up.

Chief Remi Fani-Kayode was not done with his betrayals and treachery.

After the death of Ironsi and his (Remi) release from prison by Gowon, He (Remi) fled Nigeria to England with his family.

In 1978, he returned once again to Nigeria, to support Shagari’s National Party of Nigeria(NPN). Remi called Awolowo unprintable names, and was rewarded with Vice Chairman of NPN. He was even conferred with a national honor of Commander of the Order of the Niger by President Shehu Shagari.

In 1990, he once again resurfaced and joined the National Republican Party. Once again, he spilled all sort of bad words against Abiola and even called him a drug lord.

After campaigning rigorously against his fellow Yoruba man, Abiola was declared winner and suddenly, Remi switched to become an Abiola defender.

He even went to court to defend Abiola and fight against the annulment.

One year after the annulment, Remi Fani-Kayode once again switched loyalty.

This time, he accepted a position in Abacha’s govt, namely as spokesperson of the Justice Kayode Eso panel of inquiry.

Chief Remi suddenly became the instrument for silencing of judges by Abacha’s govt. His job was to frame judges up, get them arrested or disgraced.

He never spoke about Abiola’s case again, and suddenly became a mouthpiece for Abacha

Now that we have spoken about @realFFK father(don’t take my word for it, read about him on Wiki)

Let’s take a look at his offspring, @realFFK.

A goat cannot beget a lion. A betrayer of his own people and political ashawo can never produce a loyal man.

@realFFK was born in Lagos in 1960, 16 days after independence.

Femi Fani-Kayode is not a full bloodied Yoruba. In his own words:

“My grandfather, Sheik Nurudeen Sa’ I’d, who was half Fulani and half Yoruba, got married to my grandmother, Alhaja Abeke Sa’ id (nee Williams) who was a pure Yoruba woman.”

This means that FFK is a Fulani man, and explains why his father supported the Fulanis over Awolowo and Abiola.

After Gowon released his father from prison, he moved to England, where he studied Law. He returned to Nigeria in 1985 and was called to bar.

In 1993, he found the lord and became a “born again Christian” after a near death experience.

In the 1993 elections, FFK was a supporter of Tofa. He criticized Abiola publicly and advised everyone to vote for Tofa.

After Abiola won, he switched alongside his father to support him and even moved abroad to join NADECO.

Unlike his father who wasn’t a coward, FFK was too scared to step foot in Nigeria till the end of the military era.

During the elections, FFK backed Olu Falae and called Obasanjo all sort of names.

After Obasanjo won, and it was obvious that Olu Falae wouldn’t be a major contender in 2003, FFK switched loyalty.

He boarded a flight back to Nigeria in 2001, and went around singing praises of Obasanjo in the hope of securing a political position.

Obasanjo after seeing his ability to speak “big English”, rewarded him by making him a member of his presidential campaign team for the 2003 presidential election.

After the elections, Obasanjo didn’t deem him worthy of holding real power, so he created a special Otimkpu office for him.

Femi Fani-Kayode was appointed as the first ever Special Assistant on Public Affairs to the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

In 2006, towards the end of the OBJ era, he decided to shuffle his cabinet around and gave FFK a position as down payment for Otimkpu work for the 2007 elections.

@realFFK was appointed as the Honorable Minister of Culture and Tourism. That same year, after a minor cabinet reshuffle, he was redeployed to the Aviation Ministry as the Honourable Minister of Aviation.

The aim was just for FFK to have a position, so it won’t be as if his town crying work was in vain.

After just one year in office, @realFFK was accused of stealing $300M and was banned from holding public office for 5 years by the senate committee on aviation. Due to his closeness with Obj, he was able to maneuver his way out.

He continued Otimkpu work for Obj during the Yar Adua crisis, calling Yar Adua all sort of names on the media and accusing them of betraying Obj.

He called Yar Adua “a sickly tyrant with an amalekite foundation” and he predicted that “his end would soon come”. He was so happy when Yar Adua was finally declared dead.

In May 2013, during the OBJ and Jonathan crisis, FFK began calling Jonathan all sorts of names. He later went on to join the APC, declaring PDP “gone for good.”

He did this after meeting with Kayode Fayemi of Ekiti state, the then governor.

FFK was instrumental to the derogatory statements made against the wife of the then president, Dame Patience Jonathan. He wrote epistles insulting Jonathan and his family and praising APC stalwarts.

He called Jonathan “A gutless eunuch” and claimed that “Jonathan was an impotent man who’s kids were all adopted.”

He also wrote an article blaming Igbos of being responsible for the pogrom of 1966, saying that their attitude of possession led to their death. He claimed that all Igbos were deserving of death, including Jonathan.
To make things worse, he claimed that he had slept with Ojukwu’s wife and was still intimate with her after Ojukwu’s death.

Barely a year after, in June 2014 FFK met with Pdp members, signed a new deal and joined PDP.

He claimed that he left the APC because of the Muslim-Muslim ticket (Buhari-Tinubu), and Buhari’s support for Boko Haram.

In truth, he left because APC couldn’t trust him with a position in the campaign council and his godfather Kayode Fayemi was obviously going to lose to Fayose in 2014 October elections.

FFK stayed in the PDP, calling APC unprintable names and helped Jonathan lose the election with his derogatory campaign.

After leading his principal to a defeat, he decided to stay in PDP, and to rebrand himself as a freedom fighter.

He granted an interview claiming Buhari was dead, and that the man in Aso Rock was Jubril of Sudan.

He called Tinubu unprintable names, and called APC a devilish party.

This helped FFK gain the admiration of Nigerians across the country and gave him a freedom fighter status. It also allowed him get close to Nnamdi Kanu, Sunday Igboho and other freedom fighters, who assumed he was on their side.

In 2017, FFK decided to increase his political clout by throwing his weight behind Nnamdi Kanu.

He sang Kanu’s praises, became best friends with him and infiltrated his family.

@realFFK even attended IPOB meetings and lobbied for Yoruba leaders to support IPOB freedom. He personally made international calls to republicans to lobby for IPOB support.

It is widely assumed that FFK was on IPOB payroll, but I can’t verify the Authencity of these claims(I’m not an investigative journalist😅)

When Kanu escaped Nigeria, the first person he called on his resurgence was @realFFK. He told him about his whereabouts and constantly kept contact with him. Even his lawyers met with FFK to brief him on Kanu progress.

FFK was one of the first to share insider updates on Kanu’s militia, ESN, a group he praised and likened to “angels of God”. It is suspected that FFK got the video directly from IPOB HQ.

He was more of a grand patron to the movement. While in PDP, @realFFK cursed Yahaya Bello, calling him unprintable names.

He called him “a useful idiot and accursed slave” and also said that “Bello’s mental facilities are not working”A few months later, in 2022, Femi Fani-Kayode went to Yusuf Buhari’s wedding to eat free food. After tasting power and seeing how his colleagues in APC were feeding fat, he started lobbying for a seat at the table.

All the major candidates refused him, except Yahaya Bello(the useful idiot) who promised him VP role.

FFK declared Yahaya Bello the best thing since slice bread, dumped PDP and returned to APC.

Immediately after FFK attendance of Yusuf Buhari’s wedding, Nnamdi Kanu was “extradited”, Sunday Igboho’s location was exposed to the police and everyone who was with him was set up.

It is assumed that he submitted the details of “his friends” to the govt, in return for political power.(I can’t verify this)

FFK was quoted as saying “What is morals without power”. To him, being close to power was more important than any moral obligation or integrity.

The FFK you see today is a career sycophant and an ass licker of whoever puts food on his table.

He and his ancestors are known for betraying their friends and family members at the slightest opportunity, for food or power.

He is so unstable that even his romantic relationships show it. His father had 4 children outside of his marriage. FFK is a serial divorcee, who sleeps with any woman that opens her legs for him.

He’s also extremely arrogant, myopic, demented and prone to violence.

To all APC members and BATists who cheer @realFFK because he’s singing for your principal, kindly note that tomorrow when tables turn, he’d snitch on you all and move to whoever is in power.

I believe that his father groomed him to be an Otimkpu, and he cannot do without being a man ass licker to the government in power.

This is the end of the biography of Femi Fani Kayode. Everything written there can be verified both on FFK’s handle, Wikipedia (of him and his father), and online.

I only broke it down for the layman to understand. It is important that these things are written for the sake of posterity, so our kids would know who were heroes and who were villains.

In the future, whenever the name Femi Fani-Kayode is mentioned, Judas, betrayer and double dealings would be mentioned too.

Shalom Umu Chineke

By osibanews

Eliel Otote A is an Actor and Filmmaker, with a bias for journalism. He was a freelance feature writer with the Nigerian Observer in the 80's in Benin City, he also presented programmes on both radio and television. Eliel is the Editor and Publisher of OSIBAnews Network Magazine, of which this blog is an affiliate.

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