Diana and Charles Relationship Moments That Are Only Now Coming To Light

By Amanda B. 

Can’t escape Camilla

Apparently, even their actual wedding ceremony wasn’t free of heartache. For whatever reason – feel free to speculate – Camilla was invited to attend the wedding. Diana, already aware that something wasn’t kosher in her soon-to-be husband’s relationship with the married woman, not only knew Camilla was there but actively sought her out.

Even speaking years later, she vividly recalled seeing Camilla sitting there ashen gray while she was walking down the aisle. Maybe it was seeing her rival that caused Diana to mix up Charles’s names, calling him Philip Charles Arthur George, instead of Charles Philip…

The fall while pregnant with William

Less than a year after tying the knot, Charles and Diana welcomed their first child, Prince William. The birth of a first child, and the pregnancy that precedes it, are supposed to be some of the happiest times in a couple’s life. Charles and Diana once again bucked the norm.

Diana’s butler Paul Burrell remembered hearing a racket one day while Diana was four months pregnant, and found the Princess halfway down a wooden staircase. He was sure she did it on purpose… and in 1992, we found out she had. Apparently, she’d thrown herself down the stairs in a desperate attempt to grab Charles’s attention.

Diana’s postpartum depression

Giving birth to William, it soon turned out, didn’t do much to improve Diana’s spirits. She’d suffered from something many go through, but few dare talk about – postpartum depression. Even the Princess of Wales herself couldn’t bring herself to talk about it in real-time, only revealing it 13 years later.

She remembered waking up in the morning and not wanting to get out of bed, and feeling misunderstood. Bitterly, she said people used this period to paint her as unbalanced. As for her new family, she felt they liked her much better as a guest than as a daughter-in-law.

‘A bit chubby, aren’t we?’

Heartbreakingly, postpartum depression wasn’t the only disorder Diana was suffering from. The week after they got engaged, she remembered Charles grabbing her waist and saying, “Oh, a bit chubby here, aren’t we?” Playful or not, she was devastated.

Coupled with the pressures of public scrutiny and her husband’s relationship with Camilla, she developed an eating disorder. It would take her nearly a decade to overcome it. Nevertheless, she claimed she lost five and a half inches in her waistline between the engagement and the wedding. “I had shrunk to nothing,” she said.

The Australian tour that changed everything

In 1983, at only 21, the Princess of Wales embarked on her first overseas tour as member of the Royal Family. In fact, it was the first time she’d ever been abroad, period. The 40-day tour of Australia and New Zealand was painstakingly recreated in season four of The Crown, and with good reason. It was a milestone for both the couple and the Royal FamIt was the biggest royal trip Down Under since Queen Elizabeth’s visit in 1954, and as many as 40,000 people gathered to see them on each outing. Looking beneath the surface, however, showed a decidedly different picture…

A wedge forever driven between them

Before the tour was over, it was clear Diana had gotten her long-held wish – becoming a “queen of people’s hearts.” One expert estimated that she shook hands at least 6,000 times during the tour – and this wasn’t lost on Charles. Reportedly, when the crowds saw him coming to their side of the street during a walkabout, they complained.

In one formal dinner, Diana was caught making a funny face as Charles said how lucky he was to have married her. “Amazing what ladies do when your back’s turned,” he ad-libbed. In private, he reportedly wasn’t as amused. Diana herself defined the situation – “jealousy.”

Hope for the future of their relationship

When Diana became pregnant again in early 1984, it seemed like there was actually hope for her relationship – for once. In the weeks leading up to the birth, Charles and Diana reportedly became “very, very close” and had been working on their marriage.

Knowing Charles wanted a daughter after having a male heir, Diana chose to hide she was carrying a boy so as not to spoil their bonding. Plus, she was hoping that a healthy son would delight Charles so much that he’d forget his prior desire. Sadly, that’s not at all what happened.

Charles’s awful jokes during Harry’s birth

According to Diana herself, their newly-found marital bliss lasted exactly as far as the birth of the baby who would be Prince Harry. Upon seeing Harry for the very first time, Charles’s first comment was, “Oh God, it’s a boy.”

Then, seemingly to add insult to injury, he observed, “And he’s even got red hair.” Though he later claimed he was joking, his comments cut Diana to the core. Firstly, she had just delivered a healthy boy after an excruciating nine-hour natural birth. Secondly, her family was full of redheads, so she took that comment extra personally.

Their marriage ‘goes bang’

All things considered, Charles could probably had been a little more sensitive. Nine-hour labor aside, Diana also had a miscarriage before becoming pregnant with Harry. Unfortunately, Charles pressed on making rude remarks. At Prince Harry’s christening, he’s reported to have told Diana’s own mother, “We were so disappointed – we thought it would be a girl.”

Diana’s mother, Frances Kydd, found the remark objectionable and reported it to her daughter. This led something inside her to “close off,” Diana told her biographer. After Harry’s birth, their marriage “went bang. The whole thing went down the drain.”

Their simultaneous affairs

And so, in 1986, the wheels had finally come off the wagon, permanently – Charles and Diana both embarked on affairs. By Charles’s own admission to his biographer, his long-running romance with Camilla, which had only been simmering, was brought to a boil in 1986. On Diana’s side, it was army captain James Hewitt, who had given her riding les

Their five-year affair lasted until 1991, and the redheaded Hewitt’s been persistently rumored to be Harry’s biological father – though the timelines don’t match. “It has all the ingredients of a Greek tragedy,” Charles wrote in a letter. “I never thought it would end up like this.”

‘Deeply in love’ with her married protection officer

To be completely fair to Charles, however, there’s little evidence to support him being physically unfaithful to Diana before 1986. The same cannot be said for the Princess of Wales. From 1984 to 1986, she was apparently involved with her protection officer, or bodyguard, Barry Mannakee. Diana said that she was “deeply in love” with Mannakee, who was himself married.

She was rich and famous beyond her wildest dreams, but claimed she was willing to give all of it up to be with him. When the rumor about the affair spread, however, Mannakee was reassigned to other duties – or “chucked out,” as Diana termed it.

Prince Philip’s disturbing conversation with Charles

So what was it that made Charles allegedly take his emotional relationship with Camilla to the next level in 1986? To hear Princess Diana tell it, the answer was his father – Prince Philip. In conversation with her voice coach Peter Settelen, which he recorded, a candid Diana shared a story about a talk the two royals had allegedly had.

According to the Princess of Wales, Prince Philip told Charles that if his marriage didn’t work out after five years, he could go back to Camilla. Considering they were married in 1981, 1986 was exactly five years later…

The mouse that roared

In truth, Diana was no longer the person she was when Charles married her at the tender age of 20. No longer the introverted, mousy teenager he first met at Althorp, Diana was a worldwide celebrity who rubbed elbows with Elton John and danced with John Travolta at the White House.

To be fair, though, Charles wasn’t exactly the same person either. When Diana fell in love with him, he was a debonaire James Bond-style man of the world. At the point their marriage broke down, one magazine profile quipped, he wanted to be a farmer.

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