The SIXTH SENSE, a coalition of progressive, patriotic, and non-partisan professionals of Delta State origin, unequivocally condemns the recent tragic events unfolding in the Okwuama and Okoloba communities of Bomadi and Ughelli South Local Government Areas of Delta State. The wanton and ruthless killing of both senior and junior Nigerian Army personnel, innocent women, children, and others is a grievous affront to humanity and a stark reminder of the dire consequences of unresolved land disputes.

We are deeply dismayed by the extent of devastation and loss caused by the conflict between two fraternal communities over land ownership—a resource divinely ordained and beyond the domain of human ownership.

While we denounce the resort to criminality by any party involved, we are equally disheartened by the media’s portrayal of the incident.

Media reports seemingly prejudge one community without delving into the root causes of this tragic occurrence. Such biased framing risks further exacerbating tensions and perpetuating injustice.

Media coverage of this event should not give a “Dog a bad name, simply to hang it.” News on the killings should not be “News for the Better Of, and By the Better of, ” while News of the Poor, and the Poorly-treated, are ignored, subsumed or thrashed out.

We urge both the Federal and State Governments, as well as media agencies and fellow Nigerians, to exercise caution in their response to this incident.

We implore the Nigerian media to adhere to the principles of impartial journalism and conduct thorough investigations to uncover the truth behind the violence. Justice must prevail, and those responsible for the reprehensible acts must be held accountable, irrespective of their status or influence.

Furthermore, we are deeply troubled by allegations implicating a former Head of a prominent Government Agency, said to come from one of the warring communities, and purportedly involved in escalating the dispute through illicit means.

These allegations suggest
an abuse of power and a callous disregard for human life. We demand a comprehensive and impartial investigation into these claims, including the role of other privileged individuals in exacerbating the conflict.

To this end, we call upon President Bola Tinubu to establish a Panel of Inquiry to investigate the allegations against the aforementioned individual thoroughly.

Additionally, we urge the Military Authorities to conduct a diligent, professional and objective investigation into the involvement of this saga, and take decisive action to ensure justice is served.

We pose critical questions that demand answers:

  1. Why were the Police not involved in the alleged rescue mission, and were they informed of the operation?
  2. Is it appropriate for the military to be the primary responders in land disputes?
  3. Was the deployment of high-ranking officers standard protocol for such an operation?
  4. Are there any substantiated claims of impostors among the deceased soldiers?
  5. Was the Delta State Government aware of the rescue mission?
  6. Was the Police High Command briefed about the operation?
  7. Was a risk assessment conducted before the mission?
  8. Who authorized the deployment of military personnel?
  9. What are the connections between a popular private security company and the soldiers’ deployment?

We demand accountability and justice for the victims and their families. Only through a thorough, impartial, and professional investigation can the truth be revealed, and those responsible for this heinous crime be brought to justice.

Our deepest condolences go out to the Nigerian military and the families of the fallen soldiers and civilians. May their souls find eternal peace.

For those complicit in these senseless killings, may justice be swift and unrelenting until they are held accountable for their actions.

Williams Ode-ode ,
Director of Publicity,

By osibanews

Eliel Otote A is an Actor and Filmmaker, with a bias for journalism. He was a freelance feature writer with the Nigerian Observer in the 80's in Benin City, he also presented programmes on both radio and television. Eliel is the Editor and Publisher of OSIBAnews Network Magazine, of which this blog is an affiliate.

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