Fame is one of the key benefits artistes and actors enjoy in the creative industry after displaying one ingenuous creativity or the other. Many have won awards locally and on the international showbiz scenes.

It has become a way of life for showbiz practitioners especially the younger stars as well as older ones to display or make dispassionate statements that trigger upset, rage and some times physical violence.

There’s need to establish a fame and behavioral management school. Or, possibly, Lagos Business School and Poise Nigeria could do a good job by creating short courses on this subject.

Since, there was much respect for one another and one’s seniors in the creative industry in the past, all these respect have been negatively affected by the advent of social media that give artistes, producers, managers, fans to express themselves in an uncouth manners during conflict which could be amicably resolved.

Showbiz practitioners, upcoming and established artistes, actors and others should attend a course in Fame and Behavioral Management.

We need peace, creative works, collaboration and respect for one another towards building a better showbiz industry and society.

Levimas Danisa-Atafo
(Cashiff House of Ideas

By osibanews

Eliel Otote A is an Actor and Filmmaker, with a bias for journalism. He was a freelance feature writer with the Nigerian Observer in the 80's in Benin City, he also presented programmes on both radio and television. Eliel is the Editor and Publisher of OSIBAnews Network Magazine, of which this blog is an affiliate.

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