Benin City, Edo State – In a gesture of support and encouragement, Asein Angel Osariemen, a passionate reader and aspiring record-breaker, along with her team, paid a courtesy visit to Engr. Gregory Utomwen Ogbeifun, a renowned captain of industry in the maritime sector. The purpose of the visit was to seek for support towards Asein’s upcoming Guinness World Record Attempt Read Aloud Marathon.

Asein Angel Osariemen, an ardent reader and advocate for literacy, is preparing to undertake an extraordinary feat – a Read Aloud Marathon for an astounding two hundred hours. This remarkable endeavor is scheduled to take place at the Edo State Library Complex, located in the Secretariat Building on Sapele Road, Benin City.

Engr. Gregory Utomwen Ogbeifun, a highly respected figure in the maritime industry and an accomplished author of numerous scholarly books, not only donated his books to Asein’s cause but also extended his support through logistics and substantial financial assistance. His contribution will be instrumental in ensuring the success of this ambitious record-breaking attempt.

During the courtesy visit, Asein and her team expressed their heartfelt appreciation to Engr. Gregory Utomwen Ogbeifun for his unwavering support and belief in their mission. They acknowledged his significant contribution, which goes beyond mere financial assistance, as his books will serve as valuable resources during the marathon.

Engr. Ogbeifun, known for his philanthropic endeavors and commitment to education, expressed his admiration for Asein’s dedication and passion for promoting literacy. He emphasized the importance of cultivating a reading culture and commended Asein for her determination to break the Guinness World Record, which will undoubtedly inspire countless individuals to embrace the joy of reading.

The Guinness World Record Attempt Read Aloud Marathon is not only a personal achievement for Asein but also a platform to raise awareness about the importance of literacy and the transformative power of books. By attempting this record, Asein aims to inspire people of all ages to develop a love for reading and to recognize the immense benefits it brings to personal growth and development.

As the date for the marathon draws near, Asein Angel Osariemen and her team are diligently preparing themselves mentally and physically for the challenge that lies ahead. Their unwavering determination, combined with the support received from Engr. Gregory Utomwen Ogbeifun and others, has created an atmosphere of anticipation and excitement within the community.

The Guinness World Record Attempt Read Aloud Marathon is set to captivate the attention of book lovers, literacy enthusiasts, and the general public alike. Asein’s dedication and Engr. Ogbeifun’s support serve as a reminder that when individuals come together to champion a cause, remarkable achievements can be realized.

With the countdown to the marathon underway, the Edo State Library Complex is poised to witness history in the making. Asein Angel Osariemen’s Guinness World Record Attempt Read Aloud Marathon promises to be an event that will leave a lasting impact on the community, inspiring generations to come to embrace the power of reading and the pursuit of knowledge.

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