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But they said they are the whiz kids from lagos

That the magic of lagos was going to be reignited at the federal level

Eight months after,it is “Ebin Kpawa”

What really happened?

Where are the heroes of lagos?

What is on the ground shows that the policy makers from Eko do not understand governance.

The policy flip flop has created a condition of acute poverty.

Just like one commentator said,only those in the corridors of power are smiling.

The rest are facing armageddon, a state of calamity and brutality.

The politics of the land is toxic as only Lagosians are in power, while the other “O” states are lamenting.

Cronyism and inner caucus have betrayed the movement.

Emilokan movement is so ordinary and bereft of ideas that grand old Buhari that spent eight years junketing is even perceived to be better.

So, Emilokan is about the fulfilment of personal ambition.

Even the Imams that were shouting Muslim/Muslim tickets are busy gnashing their teeth.

They have now become wiser.

That the Muslim/Muslim agenda is a hoax

Now they can’t go for pilgrimage because they don’t have N5M.

Where will they see the dollar?

Who dash monkey banana.

No politician is even visiting their mosque anymore.

Even Mr. Vice President has become a motivational speaker.

He is busy admonishing Nigerians to be of good behaviour since leaders who are to turn things around have lost ideas.

The ideas that were robustly generated during electioneering campaigns have vaporised into thin air.

Now, the singsong by the talakawas is hunger.

Our currency is as worthless as a river that ships cannot navigate .

You need a bagco cement sack of naira to seek $300.

The economic gurus of lagos have been turned into ordinary finance speculators.

All those spotless suits and Oxford shoes are just abracadabra.

What happened to years of study at Harvard and Yale School of Economics?

Social media have been laughing at them

Even Zimbabweans and South Africans are having a good laugh.

South Sudan,a country as poor as anything, is poking Nigeria

Please where is the Save Nigeria Group?

Where are Professor Wole Soyinka and Pastor Tunde Bakare that gave Jonathan nightmares?

Where are all the lagos musicians?

Where are the Kuti brothers?

Have they forgotten their fathers lyrics;

“44 sitting and 99 standing”

This is when the talakawa need them most.

Have they forgotten their Uncle Dr Beko Ransome Kuti?

Where are the offspring of Late Dr Bala Usman in this respect?

And where are the Professor Pantamis of this world?

That cried and prayed that the Jonathan administration should be changed And what has changed today?

And why are there no prayers to the Almighty that the poor should be rescued?

The Lagos politicians have failed the people?

They boasted that it is about brains and not brawl.

This is the regime of the most educated people in Africa…

What a paradox.

By osibanews

Eliel Otote A is an Actor and Filmmaker, with a bias for journalism. He was a freelance feature writer with the Nigerian Observer in the 80's in Benin City, he also presented programmes on both radio and television. Eliel is the Editor and Publisher of OSIBAnews Network Magazine, of which this blog is an affiliate.

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