Benin City, Edo State – Asein Angel Osariemen, a Nigerian lady hailing from Edo State, has been granted official approval by the Guinness World Records for her ambitious attempt to set a new record in reading. The record-breaking endeavor will see Asein Angel Osariemen read for an astonishing two hundred hours, aiming to inspire a love for reading and promote the rich cultural heritage of Edo people and Nigeria as a whole.

The official record attempt is scheduled to commence on February 23rd and will continue until the 3rd of March, 2024, in the vibrant city of Benin, Edo State.

Asein Angel Osariemen, an avid reader and passionate advocate for literacy, is determined to make a lasting impact on society through this unique initiative.

The primary objective of this read-a-thon is to encourage a reading culture within the community and beyond. By setting a new world record, Asein Angel Osariemen hopes to inspire individuals of all ages to embrace the joy of reading and recognize its significant role in personal development and cultural preservation.

Edo State, known for its rich cultural heritage, will serve as the backdrop for this remarkable feat. Asein Angel Osariemen aims to showcase the literary traditions and heritage of the Edo people, contributing to the cultural tapestry of Nigeria on a global stage.

Speaking about her upcoming record attempt, Asein Angel Osariemen expressed her excitement and determination, stating, “I am honored and grateful to have received the approval from Guinness World Records. This is an incredible opportunity to promote the importance of reading and highlight the cultural richness of Edo State. I hope that my efforts will inspire others to embrace the power of books and storytelling.”

The reading marathon will take place in Benin City, Edo State, and will be open to the public, encouraging active participation and engagement from the local community.
Asein Angel Osariemen invites everyone to join her in this extraordinary journey towards setting a new world record and fostering a love for reading.

About Asein Angel Patience Osariemen:
Asein Angel Osariemen is a Diploma holder of Marine Engineering from the prestigious University of Benin and Currently a 500 Level Final year Student of Fisheries and aquatic biology at Lagos State University. She is a passionate reader and advocate for literacy. With her upcoming record attempt, she aims to inspire individuals to embrace reading and promote the cultural heritage of Edo State and Nigeria.

About Guinness World Records:
Guinness World Records is the global authority on record-breaking achievements. It provides official recognition and verification of extraordinary accomplishments across various fields and endeavors.

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Editorial: As a platform that nurtures reading culture through our infotainment articles, OSIBAnews supports such exemplary leadership stride in literacy. Kudos Angel!

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