When our mothers dey give birth to 10 children, we nor starve and dem nor beg anybody to help dem feed us. Every morning each of the 10 children go demolish big bowl of eba, afternoon a big bowl of rice, beans, yam etc, and night big bowl of pounded yam 356 day of the year no shaking.. Na only 2 you born you nor dey let person rest. You know the difference, farming. Our parents were growimg most of the food they were feeding us then. Even some of our hardworking Uncles with good paying jobs in the cities have gardens in the outskirts of town, and they go there every Saturday. You dey Ekpoma, you dey form say you nor wan farm and you dey get mind dey ask for money. If your children are hungry it’s time to embrace farming.

Na akpu I first take dey popular for Ekpoma. Na me dey use wheelbarrow dey help my grandmama sell akpu across all the streets for Ekpoma till my grandmother passed away in1985.

Na from farm my mana dey buy my books that year. When it’s time to buy books my mama go uproot cassava for farm, make am to raw akpu, and I go carry the raw akpu for sack go Ekpoma market, sell am buy my book and return the change to my mama. If you get farm, you nor go starve. Farming season dey come now, if you use your sense get into farming as side hustle, this time next year you nor go dey beg any person to feed your children.

*Translation in summary:

The writer tells of his growing years when his parents sustained the family of ten children through farming. They never lacked food. He would sell cassava from their farm to buy school books etc. He makes comparison with a family of only two children nowadays who has to even beg to feed the family. He encourages people to embrace farming.

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