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The world woke up this morning, 7th October, 2023, to watch the beginning of a potential large scale global war between Hamas and Israeli , consequence on the surprise attacks launched by Hamas. Hamas launched about 5000 rockets on Israel.
The Israeli Prime Minister declared: Citizens of Israel, We are At War

Geopolitically, how do things stand, right now?

1 Iran was the first country to commend Hamas for their act. Hezbollah was the second. Russia’s Putin called for an immediate end to the war as Israel launched a counter attack nicknamed Iron of Swords

2 What started in Israel today will definitely not end in Israel and Palestine, the chances are 9/10 that it will escalate to a regional conflict, and we pray it does not beget a world war.

3 The on going peace talks between Saudi Arabia and Israel will suffer.

4 Iran and Hezbollah will give military support to Hamas. America will back Israel. Russia will back Iran and by extension, Hamas.

5 Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar will be thrown into diplomatic complications, because America provides almost 100% of Saudi security architecture as at today.

6 Bibi Prime Ministership is on the line, if he doesn’t win the war quickly and decisively, he will loose his position within the next 6 months. Therefore, Israel will likely roll out New Technologies that the world has not seen before. Bibi said something along that line today. But as more people die, It will beget more anger against Israel, America and the West

7 China: everything is working in China’s favor.

Russia will get crippled in Ukraine as America gets crippled in the Middle East.

President DENG of China left a strong and prophetic message to China before he died. He warned China not to go to war with the West, that the door will automatically open at a point in time and it will be obvious he tagged it Peaceful Rising

8 It was 50 years yesterday that Yom Kippur war started when 6 Arab nations launched a surprise attacks on Israel. Israel defeated the Arab nations comprehensively. The odds are still in Israel favor to win this on going war, but she will pay a huge price for arrogance, and national recklessness.

9 What Lessons can Africa and Nigeria learn?

1 Israel citizens have been enmeshed in a useless, unproductive internal debate in the last 9 months on the Judiciary reforms proposed by Bibi, the Prime Minister
Israel citizens got distracted by the weekly street demonstrations and their enemies exploited that national recklessness to plan a convert, massive synchronized war from the air, sea and land successfully, the first time ever they did it. Israel will get heavily punished for that

2 Nigeria, likewise, has been involved in an unproductive national internal debate on certificate in the last 4 months. Economy, technology, innovation and developmental issues have been relegated to the limbo of irrelevance. Nigerians will get heavily punished for that as well. Inflation which is 26% today will rise further. Exchange rate of naira to dollar will get worse ( now $1:N1050), other economic indicators will continue to go south as well.

3 Africa needs to wake up. The world is currently in a flux. The best time to rise is NOW!

The smartest leader today in the world is the Chinese leader, President Xi. He is sharply focus on what matters most: economy power. He likes Putin, but President Xi refuses to follow Putin from jumping down from a 100th floor without a parachute.
He likes Israel ( Israel powers China Telecommunications technology substantially), but China will not dabble into the Middle East unending, unsolvable war. China needs both Israel (for her technology superiority) and Saudi Arabia (to overthrow the US petrol dollar). To that extent, China will practice Ambiguity Diplomacy in the emerging middle east war

The world is at the verge of a major global crisis, the type we have never witnessed in the last 80 years, Africa should get her diplomacy right. Africa, wake up, don’t waste this in-coming crisis

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