This is the man tagged with the highest number of suits in court. His name is Mr Jonathan Lee.

He had sued a total of 260 people to court and won the cases.

Among those he sued were his mother who he accused of not taking good care of him and he won the case with the court offering $20,000 which his mother paid.

He sued his best friend, his neighbor, some of his relatives, his girl friend, police, and even a judge. He also sued a company and also the former American President George Bush and won all the cases and was paid the charges by court.

His name was placed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the one with the highest number of cases he won.

When he saw his name in the Guinness Book of World Records, he sued them for making his private life public without his permission where he was paid $8,000,000 as damages.

Mr Jonathan was invited on a tv show to discuss his adventures. He was asked by the anchor why he was living his life alone without friends or well wishers. He immediately stood up and laughed and left straight to court where sued the tv station for harassing him in public by asking him questions about his private life. The tv station had to pay $50,000 after loosing the case.


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