Waiting for the Verdict: Beyond Hallucinations and Partisan Political Jiggery-pokery!

By Nkem Alu

Nothing bifurcates Nigerians like the present confusion created by INEC in the name of presidential election. Make no mistakes about this; the whole ragging venture is fast beginning to assume some spasmodically sectional colourations because sins must be covered, and interests protected too.

In 1998 someone claimed to have participated in the compulsory one-year NYSC, but in 2022 the same man reported that he was exempted from NYSC. Verdict? Either one of the claims is forged or both. Okay, INEC claimed that they couldn’t transmit the presidential election result via the BVAS because of technical glitches. How come the National parliamentary election results were not technically glitched also? In the words of Dele Farotimi, this excuse is at variance with common sense!

Even while the LP subpoenaed a staff of Amazon, the company that offered INEC its cloud platform services for the election, testified that there were no such glitches with their system that day, INEC and APC continued to stutter. In proving the integrity status of all AWS cloud services that hosted the presidential election, it is an open sky what the verdict on this pinch hold is. Those defending theft apart, Nigerians are waiting for the verdict!

Nkem writes for PO Express Media, POEM.

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