The image showcases clothing that has been preserved from the burial of the Egtved Girl, a notable figure from the Bronze Age. The burial took place around 1370 BC in Denmark. On the right side of the image, a contemporary reproduction of her clothing can be seen.

During a summer day in 1370 BC, the Egtved Girl was laid to rest in a Denmark burial mound, inside an oak coffin. Today, only fragments of her hair, brain, teeth, nails, and a small amount of skin remain as remnants of her existence. Analysis of her teeth has revealed that she was between 16 and 18 years old at the time of her death. She had a slender build, stood approximately 5.2 feet tall (160 centimeters), and had short, blond hair and well-maintained nails.

The Egtved Girl was adorned in a short tunic and a knee-length skirt made of cords, as evidenced by the preserved clothing. Placed on her stomach was a belt plate made of bronze, intricately decorated with spirals. This decorative piece possibly represented the sun, a central element in the religious beliefs of the Bronze Age.

Within the burial site, a comb made of horn was discovered, attached to her belt. Bronze rings encircled each of her arms, and she wore a delicate ring in her ear. At the foot of the Egtved Girl, archaeologists found a small bark bucket, believed to have once contained a type of beer.

Nearly 3500 years later, in 1921, the grave of the Egtved Girl was excavated, bringing her story back into the light. Dendrochronology, a method of dating using tree rings, was employed to determine the age of her burial.

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