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Lagos, Nigeria.
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Tribalism poses a significant vulnerability in our society, exacerbated by the current government’s inefficiency, which has led to widespread suffering and distress among citizens of all tribes. The removal of fuel subsidies, increases in electricity tariffs, and the overwhelming debt burden, which consumes over 99% of Nigeria’s revenue, resulting in a soaring inflation rate of 22.79%, the highest in seven years, have all contributed to the pain and anguish experienced by all. This is not an issue that affects only one tribe or a specific group of people; it is a challenge we collectively face. It is imperative that we unite in solidarity to foster a more peaceful and tolerant society where tribalism no longer poses a threat.

As Christopher Hitchens once stated, “There is almost no country in Africa where it is not essential to know to which tribe, or which subgroup of which tribe, the president belongs. From this single piece of information, you can trace the lines of patronage and allegiance that define the state.” Apparently, this statement underscores the reality of tribalism in our society and the immense power it holds. While tribalism still exists and influences certain attitudes and behaviours, the shared experience of suffering can help bridge those divisions and encourage collective action for positive change. In such instances, people often unite, recognizing that their grievances are not exclusive to a particular tribe but are shared by all.

To effectively address these challenges, it is crucial to focus on common goals and ideals that transcend tribal affiliations, fostering unity and collective action to hold the government accountable and improve governance for the benefit of all citizens. We must unite to rescue Nigeria and ensure that our collective pain and anguish are not exclusive to one specific tribe.

Let us all work towards this goal and strive for a more united and tolerant society. By putting tribalism aside and coming together in solidarity, we can create a better future for ourselves and for generations to come. Standing together in unity, we can work towards a more peaceful and prosperous future for all. It is time to unite against tribalism and create a more tolerant and inclusive society. Through our collective efforts, we can make a lasting impact and build a brighter future for all.

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Eliel Otote A is an Actor and Filmmaker, with a bias for journalism. He was a freelance feature writer with the Nigerian Observer in the 80's in Benin City, he also presented programmes on both radio and television. Eliel is the Editor and Publisher of OSIBAnews Network Magazine, of which this blog is an affiliate.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this article! The way the information on tribalism was presented was clear and concise. The points made were well-supported and the overall message was well-articulated. I completely agree with the ideas presented and believe they are important points to consider. Great work!

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