The Worldwide United Forum For Igbo Patriots and Aborigines-WUFIPA is fully in support of the statement credited to the Lagos State House of Assembly speaker Mudashiru Obasa that Lagos belongs to Yorubas, and that the Lagos State House of Assembly will urgently pass new property, and business ownership laws favouring only Lagos State indigenes and reverse all reversals.
While many people felt these laws are targeted at the Igbos because of the fallout of the March 18th 2023 gubernatorial election in Lagos State, the WUFIPA organization see it as a welcome development as long as the following criteria are included in the news laws viz:

  1. The law will protect big Yoruba churches like RCCG, Winners Chapel, Deeper Life, Mountain of Fire etc, so that non-Yorubas will no longer attend these churches.
  2. The law will prevent non- Yorubas from marrying Yorubas and vice versa.
  3. All children born by non-Yoruba spouses to Yorubas will be termed illegitimate bastards and lose their inheritance rights in Lagos State.
  4. The law will make sure that all the oil companies head offices in Yoruba land are located to their operations base in Niger Delta.
  5. The law will make sure that Yorubas attends only Yoruba owned schools and hospitals vice versa.
  6. The law will make the Yorubas rent their houses or sell their lands to only fellow Yorubas.
  7. The law will grant that Yorubas buy spare parts and other goods imported or manufactured only by Yorubas and vice versa.
  8. Zenith, Fidelity, Access, Standard Chartered bank, Insurance companies and other corporate organizations not own by Yorubas will employ only non Yorubas and vice versa.
  9. The law will create separate public transport system, markets, shopping malls and other public utilities that accommodate only Yorubas and vice versa.
    The WUFIPA Organization hereby urges the Lagos State speaker and the entire members of the Lagos State House of Assembly to make the proposed new laws all encompassing for the benefit of Lagos State indigenes and non-indigenes.

Long live Nigeria!
Long live Lagos State!

Pastor Edwin Chukwudire-Obi
Founder WUFIPA

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