In case you don’t understand Hausa …Here is what El-Rufai said. Just in summary…

  1. That he started a project as governor of kaduna state where he proposed a Muslim-muslim ticket ( gov & deputy) and he succeeded. Claiming it was the first time during his tenure that both the gov, deputy, SSG,chief of staff and commissioner of finance were all Muslims .
  2. That no christian will ever be a governor or deputy in kaduna state( the newly inaugurated governor and the deputy are Muslims).
  3. He claimed that yes, some christians voted for them, but at best they can only benefit from schools , health care, employments and all but will never taste any top government position in the state.( Note kaduna state comprises of kaduna south 99% christians, Kaduna central 40% christians, 50% muslims and kaduna North 90% Muslims).
  4. That during campaigns they lie to the christians that they are not after religion but competence , however they consider religion first.
  5. That the Muslim community should support the new governor such that after this 4 yrs, he will run another 4 yrs, then they bring in another set of Muslims ( gov. & deputy).
  6. That haven’t succeeded in kaduna , he was amongst those that insisted it will work pan Nigeria( presidency & vice). Hence they held a meeting that they will only support a southern candidate that must pick a Muslim as running mate of which PBAT fit in. He clearly said he is not a fan of BAT. But he only supported him when BAT agreed to pick up a northern Muslim as running mate.
  7. The plan is that no christian will ever taste presidency or vice presidency in Nigeria and thus will clearly show everyone that the country belongs to the Muslims.
  8. He clearly mentioned Peter Obi, being a Christian can never win the presidency in Nigeria. That the guy was making noise everywhere but now he is quiet and cannot do anything .
  9. He said he is optimistic that BAT will reward him for what he has done for him and he doesn’t need to do any work again, claiming he did so much to ensure that BAT won the election on a religious basis.
  10. He told the Muslim community that, yes he may be out as a governor but he is still working because his assignment is yet to be accomplished until the Muslims take over the whole country.
  11. Are you in shock???
    The guy said all that and more in Hausa boldly and he was greatly applauded for his  bigotry.

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