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The Ooni of Ife just married his 6th Wife, a company founder. He’s still going to marry another woman next week.

All his wives and ex wives are premium babes. If they were not married to him, they’re the type that will be writing epistles on leaving cheating men on Instagram for women.

Once again, my dear Kings, women only make rules for broke men.

Once you have money, you are above those rules.

“I cannot stay with a cheat” is for broke men. “I cannot share my man” is for lesser men.

Annie Idibia is still married to a man that has cheated on her several times and even has children with other women. She can cry all she wants on Instagram, she hasn’t left.

Davido and Chioma broke up, Davido had another baby outside and came back to Chioma. They’re still together.

The babe that broke up with you because another girl texted you will gladly be a 7th wife to Ned Nwoko if he comes asking.

There are some girls you will see in my comments saying “Don’t generalize. Not all women are the same. I cannot marry a polygamist”

When you see such a comment, just remember that it’s the same thing the Ooni’s wives would have said if they weren’t married to him.


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