I have been reading it everywhere that the immediate past governor of the Boko Haram dominated Borno State and whom a lot of people have accused of complicity in some of the activities of the sect, especially, in the abduction of the over 300 Chibok school girls said that he will be in charge of security as Vice-president while Tinubu, his “boss” will be in charge of the economy, and I didn’t want to believe that anyone would make such statement. I took it as one of those political propaganda usual in election seasons. But my colleague in the POSN sent a shortened video of that NBA panel session this morning and I was shocked and at the same time relieved. I am shocked that a group of individuals could incubate such sinister plan against a nation.

A lot of people had alleged before now that some Northern cabal insisted on making Tinubu the presidential candidate of the ruling Party because they knew that the former Lagos State governor wasn’t in the best State of health. While we are not God and I am not brought up to mock people because of the frailties of age and health condition, a friend has the feeling that most of these Northern governors and leaders who championed Tinubu’s emergence as presidential candidate expect him not to make it beyond two years in office or to be mostly incapacitated, hence, their insistence on a fellow Muslim core Northerner as his running mate.

I would have usually dismissed such ideas as extreme propaganda but going by Shettima’s own revelation, these theories might have to be taken more seriously.

The greatest job of a President is security and there are many intelligence reports that no other person but the President can have access to. We only have a Commander-in-Chief and never a deputy Commander-in-Chief. Therefore, no Vice-president who means well for this country will ever imagine taking charge of security, except, if he is guaranteed of displacing the President or already assured that the President is either invalid or incompetent, or both.

This statement also points to a swapping of roles. Nigeria’s Vice-president by Constitutional provision is the head of the National Economic Committee, and reports to the President who delegates him to such function. For Shettima to say that he will be in charge of security means that he already sees himself as superior to Tinubu, and if Tinubu isn’t beclouded by desperation for office, he would have seen this statement as the biggest threat to both his proposed powers and even life.

Shettima has no background in security. He was never in the military. So, it becomes curious what gives him the confidence to think that he is better qualified than Tinubu to handle security. Except, of course, he is referring to his alleged affinity to Boko Haram terrorists. Is he going to grant amnesty to more Boko Haram fighters and reintegrate more of them into the Nigerian military and probably deploy them to the Southern parts of the country to provide shields for terrorist herdsmen? Shettima was a banker before becoming governor and if there is any place we can place his competence in, it should be in the area of finance. How he thinks himself a better Commander-in-Chief than Asiwaju should open the eyes of Nigerians to what might be the sinister plans of the Northern cabal.

If Tinubu was still in his good elements, mentally, I am sure he would have, by now, summoned Shettima to explain what he meant by that statement, but, I won’t be surprised if it is confirmed that our own Jagaban missed the gist in that affront on his authority. But, if he did, should his key aides and advisers also have missed that? I do not think the BAT actually have dull people around him. What might be the problem is that they are all pretending, so that they can get power first.

My Yoruba friends are among the smartest people around, and I won’t expect them to have missed the implication of that statement. Shettima and his co-conspirators are merely trying to use Tinubu to hold firm to the presidency of this country. They are not supporting him because they want to reward him for his role in bringing President Buhari to power, they are supporting him because they know that for the period he will be there, he might only be too sick to do anything and they can’t wait to replace him with their own.

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By osibanews

Eliel Otote A is an Actor and Filmmaker, with a bias for journalism. He was a freelance feature writer with the Nigerian Observer in the 80's in Benin City, he also presented programmes on both radio and television. Eliel is the Editor and Publisher of OSIBAnews Network Magazine, of which this blog is an affiliate.

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