NIGERIAN DEEP STATE: “No election, we’ll go for Interim government”

Nigeria listen up!
Don’t ask how I knew
I’ve been in many meetings since I flew into Nigeria. I’m not happy at all!
There’s a conclusion that if the North cannot produce the next President, Nigeria will resort to an interim government

Before you cut my head:
I sat beside a Fulani; of the top echelon of Nigerian unseen Government. He spoke unthinkable things.
But for his body guards and that we were on flight (mid-air) I may have fought him.

The deep State made up of predominantly Fulani has crafted to seize and hold unto power in Nigeria for the next 50 years, to say the least. They are hiding under religion but it’s purely a supremacist agenda.

The whole idea of producing BAT as APC flag bearer was to ensure that:

  1. VPYO does not emerge because if he did, there was a likelihood that he may win the 2023 general election.
  2. To pretend that they have zoned power to the south as a false illusion that APC was being considerate.
    The deep state insisted that a Fulani emerged as PDP flag bearer. Following which they are gradually decamping from APC to PDP. They insist on producing a Northern President.

Obi is a Psunami that was never envisaged. His emergence has occasioned new strategies. The deep state insists:

  1. Refuse Kwankwaso as his deputy.
  2. Produce Kwankwaso as President with Wike as Vice.

There’s an ongoing discussion whether BAT should be disqualified based on his false credential saga. There’s no conclusion yet.

Meanwhile, BAT has contracted of Nigerian Witches Council to fast:

  1. for him to Win the 2023 election
  2. To Conjure an indignation against PO so that Nigerians can’t hate him

It appears that their efforts are failing. In fact, anyone and Everyone who oppose PO received some form of divine attack or the other.
For example: don’t be deceived, the kidney matched at first. Why they didn’t match again is a mystery to them (you know who I mean)
Again, Mbaka was not paid to speak against PO. It’s the same witchcraft manipulation that caused him to misyarn. He’s just loose-guarded (popular cliché).

A new faction of the Nigerian Deep State have mystically projected and found out that neither BAT, Atiku nor the marriage of Kwankwaso and Wike can defeat PO. Thus, in a renewed efforts, they have advanced the singular and last option of “NO ELECTION”

Please Note: I am not saying the the option of “NO ELECTION” is a new scheme. Rather, I’m saying that it’s the last Jockey in political dribbling whenever the Deep State feels stuck

In Nigeria’s case, the plans are

  1. stage a coup d’tat and fake an aggressive take over of power. Forthwith the deep state would hoist an Interim government on Nigeria. Americans and Britain are involved in this plan. They already tried it out in Mail, and Nigeria is the next in line.
  2. Advance summary killing across the whole country. Fulani fighting machineries have been stationed in virtually all forest in Nigeria. They only await the beagle for them to swing into action. We have been seeing and hearing bits and pieces of arm trafficking across the entire nation. Just yesterday, the Akwa Ibom State government captured some of them but could not prosecute them.
    And you may have read TY Danjuma’s classified documents to all Nigerian traditional rulers advising them to take up arms at all levels

Why am I writing?
I’ve been in many meetings since I stepped into Nigeria. And I feel bad when I see the youth celebrating already in the hope that there would be an election and that PO would be the nations messiah.
I was there!
I used to believe so like everyone of you but with what i know now, I weep for Nigeria

I’m not only one who knows this truth! Some of your General Overseers have been briefed and they are fully aware of what I’m saying. They have been told to propagate the idea to the masses as if it’s a prophecy from the Lord. I can call names of GOs that have been told what’s in plan
Just to mention a few: Pastor Tunde Bakare, Pastor Enoch Adeboye and Pastor Chris Okotie have been bold enough to speak up. Don’t be deceived, it’s not prophecy. IT’S THE DEEP STATE AGENDA FOR NIGERA

I’m not scared of speaking
I know the DEEP STATE may come after me but I don’t care
I’ve got pictures and voice recordings to show. I’m not calling for a revolution
I’m only asking the nation to watch and pray

There’s this guy called Nnamdi Kanu, he knew a lot and the British shut him up. Don’t ever think that his arrest was purely a Nigerian affair. He can’t be granted bail. He knows too much and he can cause trouble in Nigeria should he step out of prison.

Way forward:
My humble opinion:
Unlike the Zamfara State Governor, I would not ask Nigerians to take up arms rather I would ask us to be vigilant and pray for Nigeria.

Members of Deep State are mere mortals. These are over-pampered old men who have refused to relinquish power….
Author unknown.

By osibanews

Eliel Otote A is an Actor and Filmmaker, with a bias for journalism. He was a freelance feature writer with the Nigerian Observer in the 80's in Benin City, he also presented programmes on both radio and television. Eliel is the Editor and Publisher of OSIBAnews Network Magazine, of which this blog is an affiliate.

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